Vedic Astrology

In this article, you get information about Vedic Astrology, Indian Vedic Jyotish, Effects of Planets in Kundli, Nakshatra, Navgraha and all about Indian astrology.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian science. Indian culture is based on Vedas. Indian astrology is also born from these Vedas, due to which it is called Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is a kind of science. With the help of Vedic astrology, the position of the sun, moon, nine planets, constellations, etc. in the sky is studied, and it is ascertained what effect it will have on the humans living on the earth.

Vedic astrology (Jyotisha) has three main branches:

  • Siddhanta (Astronomy)
  • Samhita (Mundane astrology)
  • Hora (Predictive astrology)

Zodiac and Zodiac Sign in Vedic Astrology

The zodiac signs are composed of constellations. The star group is called Nakshatra. The total number of constellations is 27. Each constellation is of 13 degrees 20 minutes. Each zodiac sign has 30 degrees in the zodiac. The first constellation in the zodiac is Ashiwani.

Nine Planets (Navgraha) in Vedic Astrology

Sun (सूर्य), Moon (चंद्रमा), Mars (मंगल), Mercury (बुध), Jupiter (ब्रहस्पति), Venus (शुक्र), Saturn (शनि), Rahu (राहू), Ketu (केतु) are known as Navagraha. All the planets travel in their transit and stay for some time in the zodiac and provide the zodiac fruit. Rahu and Ketu are considered as planets. They do not have real existence. Both these zodiac signs are located as mathematical points.

The PlanetsEnglish NamePlanets ZodiacZodiac English Name
1. सूर्यSunसिंहLeo
2. चंद्रMoonकर्कCancer
3. मंगलMarsमेष & वृश्चिकAries  & Scorpio
4. बुधMercuryमिथुन & कन्याGemini  & Virgo
5. गुरूJupiterधनु & मीनSagittarius  &  Pisces
6. शुक्रVenusवृष & तुलाTaurus  &  Libra
7. शनिSaturnमकर & कुम्भCapricorn & Aquarius
8. राहुRahu —–—–
9. केतुKetu——-——-

Names of Constellations (Nakshatra) in Hindi

1. अश्विनी2. भरणी3. कृतिका4. रोहिणी
5. मृगशीर्ष6. आर्द्रा7. पुनर्वसु8. पुष्य
9. अश्लेषा10. मघा11. पूर्वफाल्गुनी12. उत्तरफाल्गुनी
13. हस्त14. चित्रा15. स्वाति16. विशाखा
17. अनुराधा18. ज्येष्ठा19. मूल20. पूर्वअषाढ़
21. उत्तरआषाढ़22. श्रावण23. धनिष्ठा24. शतभिषा
25. पूर्वभाद्रपद26. उत्तरभाद्रपद27. रेवती28. अभिजीत

Planetary Influence According to Vedic Astrology (Effects of Planets in Kundli)

According to Vedic Astrology, the changing positions of planets have an effect on zodiac signs. When the position of the planets changes, they will also have an impact on the respective zodiac signs, which also affects your Kundli. Let us know how the positions of planets in Vedic astrology affect the zodiac signs.

Sun Planet (सूर्य गृह)

The planet Sun is considered to be a factor of energy, might, honor, father, soul. Sun is also the king of all the planets. Sunlight brings light to all the planets and stars.

When the position of the sun is strong in the Kundli of the native, he gets many benefits. He receives job honors and a high position. He emerges as a leader.

Moon Planet (चन्द्र गृह)

Among all the planets, the Moon has been considered as a factor of mind, mother, money, water, and travel. The people whose moon is afflicted or weak, their mind is always distraught. They look restless. In the Kundli of the native, when the Moon is sitting inauspicious place, the morale of the native is increased.

According to Vedic Astrology, the zodiac sign where the Moon is situated at the time of birth is called Moon zodiac sign (Chandra Rashi). Due to the weak lunar planet, a person has to face problems like mental stress, depression, depression.

Mars Planet (मंगल गृह)

According to Vedic astrology, Mars has been considered as a factor of strength, courage, anger, excitement, arms and younger brother. The people who have good Mars are courageous by nature.

Do not be afraid of anyone. They get victory in war, but if Mars is sitting inauspicious place in the Kundli of the native then it gives negative results.

Mercury Planet (बुध गृह)

Mercury is considered to be a factor of intelligence, maternal uncle, mathematics, reasoning power, communication, and friend. The Mercury planet is a neutral planet which according to the planet which comes in association gives fruit to the native.

If the Mercury of the native is weak then native have to face problems in reasoning, mathematics, intelligence, communication. If Mercury is strong, the native’s math, reasoning power, and intelligence are very good.

Venus Planet (शुक्र गृह)

Venus planet is considered to be a factor of love, romance, opulence, luxury, sexuality, material pleasure, husband wife’s music, fashion design, etc. A person whose horoscope is good in the horoscope is endowed with material comforts. He is a lover and a romantic.

Saturn Planet (शनि गृह)

The movement of Saturn is slow. In the zodiac sign, it lasts longer. Saturn lives in a zodiac for about 2 to two and a half years. According to Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered to be a factor of disease, suffering, science, iron, mineral oil, employee, servant, prison, age, misery. If Saturn is sitting in an inauspicious place in the horoscope of the native, it gives negative results.

Rahu Ketu (राहु और केतु)

In Vedic Astrology, these two planets are called shadow planets. They have no existence of their own. They do not carry any weight like other planets. These two planets together with the Sun and the Moon form the eclipse. Rahu is considered to be a factor of confusion and Ketu is considered to be a factor of anxiety.