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In the Kundli Analysis, the birth chart is analyzed on the basis of the name, date and time of the birth of the person. In the free Kundli/horoscope Analysis, the entire state of life is told. After a deep study of the Kundli, every problem of life can be solved. Through our Kundli, we can get to know about our love marriage, business, job, financial status, etc. By analyzing the Kundli, we can start our friendly business as we can identify favorable opportunities in the Kundli analysis. You can contact us for your Kundli/Horoscope Analysis or you can also get your Kundli analysis report by submitting the form given below.

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What is the Kundli or Horoscope?

A Kundli or Janmpatri is a map of the sky for a certain time at a certain place. At that time, the zodiac sign which rises on the east horizon indicates that it is known as the Lagna. It is known as the first house.

The forms of Kundli
In different parts of the Kundli, the Kundli is depicted in various forms in which North Indian, South Indian and Bengali methods are more prevalent.

Figure No.1 is used in the northern part of India.
At the top, the middle part is considered as the rising sign of the Lagna or first house and the number of the zodiac arising at the time of birth is written.

Example: In the Kundli, 5 numbers are written in the Lagna for Leo sign. Thereafter, the houses are counted in a reverse clockwise motion. The zodiac signs are written in the next sequence in the same order, as in Figure no. Shown in 1.

North Indian Kundli

The form of this Kundli prevalent in the southern part of India is Fig no. 2 according to In this form the zodiac signs are kept constant and as shown in the picture, Pisces is written in the upper left-hand square and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. are written in the order of clockwise movement. And Lagna is written in the word in the clear zodiac sign and it also bears the sign of Lagna. After that, at the time of birth, the planets are placed in the respective zodiac according to the position of the planets from the clear table.

South Indian Kundli Analysis

Picture no. The form of the Kundli in 3 is commonly used in Bengal and its neighboring region. In this form, Aries sign is written in the upper chamber and after that the signs of Taurus, Gemini, etc. are written in the cells respectively according to the reverse movement of the clock. The Lagna sign which is obvious at the time of birth is written in words in that zodiac sign and it is also marked with the Lagna. After this, the planet at the time of birth is seated in the respective zodiac according to the position of the planets from the clear table.

Bangali Kundli Analysis

Just as the universe, the Kaal Purush is divided into 12 zodiac signs, similarly the Kaal Purush is divided into 12 houses, the houses are stable, the first house is called the Lagna.

At the time of the birth of the native, the number of the zodiac that rises in the past is written in the Lagna or first house. After that, the amounts arising respectively are second. It is written in the third house. houses move from east to northwest direction, it can also be called opposite clock speed.

The planet that performs the function of the house is called the causative planet of that emotion. The function of the house is called the factor of house.

Factors of Houses
We know that houses are twelve. Those houses are known by various names. We will introduce them in this chapter.

The Earth is rotating from its west to east on its axis. If we look towards the horizon, we will find that the zodiac signs rise by one -2. Each zodiac sign of the zodiac will rise on the eastern horizon after 24 hours, the zodiac arising in the east direction after the occurrence of an event or auspicious work is called Lagna. The Lagna is also called the first house of the Kundli.

Information about certain aspects of life can be obtained from every sense of the Kundli, which is described as follows-

First House of Kundli:
Body, body, anatomy, personality, face, health, character, nature, intelligence, age, good luck. Respect, reputation, prosperity.

Second House of Kundli:
Property, family, speech, right eye, nail, tongue, nasal, teeth, purpose, food, imagination, observation, gems, gems, precious stones. Unnatural sex, fudge and violence between spouses.

Third House of Kundli:
Younger brother and sister, sibling siblings, relatives, relatives, neighbors, courage, determination, bravery, chest, right ear, hands, short trips. Pulse system, communication, communication, writing, book editing, writing newspaper details, dialogue etc., education, intelligence etc.

Fourth House of Kundli:
Mother, relatives, vehicles, domestic environment, treasury, land, housing, education, real estate, genetic nature, late-life, hidden treasures, secret love affairs, sew, in-laws and family intervention in married life, jewelry, clothes.

Fifth House of Kundli:
Children, intelligence, fame, class, abdominal love affair. Happiness, Sanoranjan, Speculative, Pre-born soul living standard, rank prestige, artistry, heart, back, skill in sports, success in competition.

Sixth House of Kundli:
Disease, debt, dispute, absence, injury, uncle, aunt, enemy, service, food, clothing, theft, slander, pet, subordinate employee, tenant, waist.

Seventh House of Kundli:
Spouse’s personality, relationship with life partner, wishes, work power, partnership, direct enemy, compensation, travel, law, life-threatening, influence and reputation abroad, relationship with oneself and public, sexual dysfunction, urine Disease.

Eighth House of Kundli:
Age, type of death i.e. how will death, genitalia, obstacles, accident, free property, inheritance, paternity, paternal property, will, pension, contribution, theft, robbery, anxiety, hindrance, war, enemy, inherited wealth, Mental anguish, extramarital life.

Ninth House of Kundli:
Good luck, religion, character, grandparents long journeys, grandson, reverence and devotion to elders and gods, spiritual advancement, dreams, higher education, wife’s younger brother, brother’s wife, pilgrimage, darshan, contact with spirits.

Tenth House of Kundli:
Business, fame, power, authority, leadership, power, honor, success, status, knee, character, action, purpose in life, father, boss, employer, officer, relationship with officers, success in business, promotion in job, government Respect.

Eleventh House of Kundli:
Profit, prosperity, the fulfillment of wishes, friend, elder brother, ankle, left ear, counselor, beloved, sickness, expectancy, daughter-in-law, desires, success in works.

Twelveth House of Kundli:
Loss, imprisonment, imprisonment, expenditure, donation, marriage, work relating to water shelters, Vedic sacrifice, fine paid, extramarital work, sexual activity and diseases derived from sexual relations, weakness in sexual activity, sleeping facility, luxury, enjoyment Luxury, loss of wife, loss of marriage, loss of job, separation from people, break up, long journeys, administration abroad.