Why Your Marriage is Delayed, Know Reasons and Remedies

Today we are talking about marriage problem solution. Now-a-days marriage problem is big problem for parents. Marriage is the most beautiful part of the life of any young man or woman. According to mythological beliefs, marriage is considered not only the union of two people but also the union of two souls. In Hinduism, marriage is celebrated like a festival. Then in such a situation, it is also very important to be on time. According to astrology, more delay or delay in marriage depends on the constellations present in the horoscope. It is necessary to know at the right time and resolve it by various measures. Depending on the planets and constellations present in the horoscope, it can be ascertained whether you will have a Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage.

Marriage Problem solution

What is the reason for delay or dissolution in marriage –

According to astrology, the presence of different planets in the horoscope affects the yoga of marriage. Especially Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are its major factors. The presence of an inauspicious planet in the seventh house of the horoscope or the absence of any auspicious planets disrupts the marriage in the weakening state of Jupiter and Venus. Such yoga is formed, which creates the condition of being unmarried throughout life.

Apart from this, Moon and Venus are together and Mars and Saturn are sitting in their seventh house, even then there is a delay in marriage.

If Saturn and Sun are related in the horoscope, which affects the seventh house, then there are chances that there will be a disturbance in the Lagna.

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What is the Manglik Dosha

If Mars is present in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house of the horoscope, then Mangal doshas occur in the horoscope.

If Mars is in the eighth house, then in such a situation the person only comes under the influence of anger, irritability or good-evil etc. on himself.

But if Mars is present in the first, fourth, seventh and twelfth house then it affects its life as well as the life of its partner.

The presence of Mars in the first house affects the life partner’s health and can also lead to the death of a life partner if Mars comes for a long time.

The presence of Mars in the fourth house creates problems in the life partner’s happiness, work, etc.

Being in the seventh house causes his death and the presence of Mars in the tenth house causes family discord.

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Marriage problem solution

The coincidences created by the union of constellations in the horoscope lead to a variety of disasters. But the resolution of these coincidences is possible through various measures. Which you can see in detail on our website. Some parts of which are as follows.

In the event of delay in marriage, Moon and Mars have a special place, for this, the native should boil four moles in four glasses of water for forty-six consecutive days and cool it and flow it into the water, and Moon and Mars go into the fourth house. Which is called the best house wealth, which is considered the most auspicious in terms of marriage and meaning?

Apart from this, if the situation of marriage is not going on in the horoscope, in such a situation, for 12 days continuously, for 12 consecutive days, the white flower bud (jasmine or mogra) should be pressed in a clean place where light grass is frozen inside the soil. Marriage totals will be formed within three to four months.

By adopting the basic measures described in our website for many similar problems and their solutions, various defects can be overcome.

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