Never do these 5 things on Thursday, otherwise you will be ruined

According to the scriptures, every single day of the week is special. The God of every day is also certain. But Thursday also has special significance among them. Elder elders of the house recommend not to do some work on Thursday. Know what are the 5 things that should not be done on Thursday: –

Jupiter Remedies

1. Shaving: Second and eleventh house are places of wealth in all horoscopes. Guru planet is the causative planet of both these places. On Thursday, the growth of wealth stops due to the work being done to weaken the Guru planet. Whatever the conditions of money gain are being created. They all start coming to a halt. Shaving on Thursday is also prohibited. Cleaning body hair is not considered appropriate on Thursday. Along with this, the logic of not washing hair also applies here. Hair should also not be cut on this day. The wrong haircut affects the life of the child and husband. Their progress is hindered.

2. To Wipe: Just as the effect of Jupiter remains on the body, similarly the effect of Jupiter at home is equally deep. According to Vastu Shastra, the owner of the north-east corner is the master. The northeast is the direction of religion and education. The northeast corner of the house is weak. Ishaan angle is related to the younger members of the family ie children. Also, the son of the son of the house is also related to this angle. There is a decrease in auspicious effects on the education of children, sons, members of the household, religion, etc. Therefore, one should avoid doing the above-mentioned work on Thursday.

3. Washing Hair: On Thursday, women are forbidden to wash hair because Jupiter is the factor of the husband in women’s horoscope. Along with this, Jupiter is the factor of the child. Thus the planet Jupiter alone affects the life of both the offspring and the husband. Washing head on Thursday weakens Jupiter, which reduces the auspicious effect of Jupiter.

4. Nail Cutting: Nail cutting on Thursday is a sign of loss of money. This reduces or hinders the head of the household. Nail cutting on Thursday causes pain in the house. Therefore, nails should never be cut on Thursday.

5. Cloth Washing: Never wash clothes on Thursday. Washing clothes on Thursday is not considered good, because the use of clothes or soap on Thursday weakens the native’s Jupiter.

There are some other things that should be kept in mind on Thursday.

  • The father, teacher and saint represent Jupiter, so never insult them.
  • Do not make or eat Khichdi at home on Thursday.


By doing this work on Thursday, auspiciousness comes in the house and becomes a spoiled work…
  • Before the sun rises, light a lamp of pure desi ghee of cow in front of Lord Vishnu.
  • Apply saffron or turmeric tilak on the forehead on Thursday.
  • Donating yellow things on Thursday is considered auspicious.
  • If possible keep fast on Thursday.
  • Offer yellow laddu on Lord Shiva.
  • Worship Banana tree, offer yellow dish or fruit in Prasad.
  • Donate bananas to someone on Thursday.

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